Want to know how Music Together® at Music Road has been for families? Read a testimonial from one of our beloved parents...

"Kara has been a wonderful teacher and friend to both our children and our family. Her energy is always so positive and the kids are all drawn to her during class, since day one we have formed a sort of family with Kara being the matriarch. Both of our children are enrolled in the Music Together at Music Road class and although they are at different developmental stages (9 months and 2-years-old), watching them interact with each other and the other children is such a treat. We can see how they have evolved from the first class, our two-year-old daughter walks around rocking back and forth singing the "Hello Song" ("rock and rock and rock and rock") I can hear her little voice now! Our son, who has a tough time self soothing, usually falls asleep in one of our arms by the end of class. At home we use the "Hello Song" to soothe him and get him to sleep. The songs are so catchy and fun, we find ourselves singing them at home as we do our everyday activities, we can see the excitement in our daughter's eyes as she recognizes the music and starts clapping along. We have taken other music classes before but we enjoy Music Together the most because of the mixing of ages, younger children get to watch what older children do furthering along their development. Also as parents, it's great that we can all be in one class together as a family we are creating memories together! Music Together let's children be children and experience music naturally."

                                                                                                                    -   Jayme and Rob 



"Music Together at Music Road has been a magical experience for our family. Every class is an absolute delight where parents and little ones are learning and having fun. The strong sense of classroom community is due to our instructor Kara; her abilities are extraordinary, both as an educator and a music mentor. Kara’s guidance and encouragement allows everyone to find their own voice and embrace it. We love that we can continue the experience outside the weekly session with the CD of songs from the semester. Every time our eleven-month-old daughter hears the first few notes of the CD she smiles, this is how I know she must be enjoying the class as much as we do."

                                                                                                                      - Jenn and Jason

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