Music Road was born out of a thought that came to Founder Kara Dago-Clark while hiking down Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskill Mountains on a gorgeous weekend in 2007.  She sat her closest conservatory friends around her coffee table and said, "I'm going to open a music school."  In the time that has passed since that spark was lit, the dream of opening a community music school in the neighborhoods she knew best never left her periphery.  10 years later almost to the day, Music Road opened its doors to the community that its founder has lived amongst, taught, has grown with and loved.  It is the institutional rendering of its founder's culumlative lived experience listening, reflecting, and responding within Music Peformance,  Music Education, and Community Cultivation.  


Instruction at Music Road approaches the performing arts from the culture in which the style/technique orginated.  So often the music of a people is beloved and celebrated over time, all the while leaving the people who created this music unknown and unacknowledged.   Learning about the conditions and makeup of the peoples from where the rhythms, chord structures, melodies, techniques, and dances comes from provides context that is crucial to understanding its place and its meaning in a community.  This teaching emphasizes connections across cultures.  We discover how and why these styles were conceived, recognize those whose music this first was, and build a strong foundation to move the music of folk forward, making it culutrally relevant to the environment we inhabit today.